Monday, July 28, 2008

The boy's latest photoshoot.

Click below for the latest pictures of the boys.

They are both healthy and measuring the same size, 18 weeks when I was only 17 weeks along! It was great news to know that they are playing nice and sharing the placenta equally. We just have to pray that this continues. The ultrasound technician was adorable and keep using adjectives like perfect, gorgeous, and beautiful. Also, told us that we needed to go celebrate that night for creating two perfect little boys. Of course, we were eating up and did go celebrate that night. My parents were in town so we went out to dinner at a super yummy place in downtown, Andina and then had foot massages at Barefoot Sage.


She Likes Purple said...

They are totally perfect, Cherie.

Kmart said...

they are going to be the cutest kids ever!:)