Monday, August 18, 2008

Deals to be made

Did anyone else watch Michael Phelps' interview last night with his mom? Isn't he ADORABLE!?!? And just oh SO classy....
I've decided that on the day the twins are born (because I know they are going to feel like they owe me?!) I'm going to offer them a deal. The deal is either you grow up to be Michael Phelps (minus the DUI he got four years ago) or you're going back in for another nine months. I figure they'll be so eager to come home with us to the nice new house rather than back into the already cramped "apartment" that is my uterus that they'll agree. What do you think?

Here is the video in case you didn't see it: Debbie does not join the interview until 15 minutes in.

Monday, August 11, 2008

Baby's first photo album

Here is the complete album update to date with all of the sonogram pictures thus far:
I have put them all in one location so you can see how much and how fast they have grown! Pictures from Friday's appointment are at the end.

Sunday, August 10, 2008

Appointment with Dr. J

Last Friday we had another appointment with Dr. J complete with ultrasound and all. Rest assured they are both still boys! Pictures to be posted tomorrow.
For this appointment I took in a list of questions that I had been writing down for the last couple of weeks to ask the doctor because I knew my pregnancy brain would never remember them on the spot.
Here are the questions that I asked and the answers that I received:
1. Do you know of any twins support groups to join?
2. Should twins sleep together, and if so for how long?
Not sure
3. How long should I expect to stay home from work?
Depends on when the boys are born, their health, how long you can afford to be off and long your work will allow you to be off. We decided that 8 weeks was probably a good estimate at this point.
4. I've been getting some pretty bad headaches, is this normal?
Yep, just take Tylenol
5. I've been feeling out of breath, dizzy and tingly lately, is this normal?
Yes, your air capacity is shrinking and will continue to shrink as the babies keep growing and taking up the room that your lungs had.
6. Do you have any pediatricians that you'd recommend?
He gave me a list
7. Do you recommend birthing classes and do you know if there are any for twins?
Yes, recommended birthing classes and hadn't heard of classes for twins.
8. I've been trying to wear my support hose as much as possible, is there anything else to do to prevent deep vein thrombosis (DVT) or any signs to look out for?
Support hose do not prevent DVT but they will help you feel a lot better during pregnancy so keep wearing them. Signs for DVT are acuteness of breath and pain behind the knee from the mid-calf to the mid-thigh.
Dr. J said I was very efficient with my questions. I said thanks, although I'm not sure he meant it as a compliment. Then he walked me out, told be to take care of myself and don't get DVT. As you can tell, he's got a sense of humor and is prettylaid back. We like him.
Is there anything else you think I need to know? What are some of the things that you wish people had told you while pregnant?

First Kick!

As we were watching the Olympics I felt one of the babies kick! Here's the story, Darrell and I were already beginning to argue about parenting issues. You see Shelby was jumping up on the recliner, which we are being very strict about keeping her off of. Darrell told her no and I reached over and spanked her. Darrell got upset and told me that he was handling it. And just as he said that, a baby kicked me! Right under my left rib. I shrieked "I just felt a kick" and Darrell jumped to the ground with me to put his hands on my belly. I guess baby was satisfied that he had prevented a fight over dog disciplining and didn't kick again....

How do you feel about the Olympics?

This question needs to be added to all premarital questionnaires. This weekend I have realized that I never knew how strongly Darrell felt about the Olympic games. We have know each other for over three years now, which seems like enough time to know a lot about someone right? Oh yeah well, the Olympics? They only happen every four years. And my husband? He REALLY likes watching them. I did enjoying catching Michael Phelps break the world record but missing John and Kate plus 8 to see synchronized diving, water polo, basketball, gymnastics, volleyball, and rowing - it's a bit too much. I'm ready to have the remote back!

It's getting big!

Here's the bump at 20 weeks/5 months along!
Profile shot:

Bare belly from the side.
Bare belly from the front.
My pod has two peas shirt from Darrell. It's a one-size-fits-all and I think I've already outgrown it!
Darrell's first appearance in the belly shot photo shoots. We had to figure out how to use the timer for this one :)

Friday, August 1, 2008


We have started on the hunt for childcare. It's a bit overwhelming for sure. I started by contacting postings on Craigslist and then Of course I'm organizing it all in a spreadsheet and sorting by price, location, in-home vs. dropping them off, ect. But, alot of what I am hearing back is that we're searching too early as people don't know whether they'll have openings in January or not.... hmmm.... so what you're saying is you can't hold two spots for the most precious little boys that you are ever going to lay your eyes on. No? Fine then, I'll call back in December. Grrrrr. I would really like to get this off the to-do list but I guess it will have to wait.

To make myself feel productive I picked the boys up a couple of onesies at Target last week. Aren't they the cutest things you've ever seen? I was also very impressed with myself because I didn't feel the need to buy two sets since it came with two complimenting outfits, I figure they'll still match and it will help us to tell them apart!
I also thought I'd post the cute outfits the boys have received from Grammy Lynn so far. You'll also get a sneak peak of the nursery but it won't be completed until September so you'll have to wait until then to see the rest! Hope everyone had a great weekend!