Sunday, August 10, 2008

Appointment with Dr. J

Last Friday we had another appointment with Dr. J complete with ultrasound and all. Rest assured they are both still boys! Pictures to be posted tomorrow.
For this appointment I took in a list of questions that I had been writing down for the last couple of weeks to ask the doctor because I knew my pregnancy brain would never remember them on the spot.
Here are the questions that I asked and the answers that I received:
1. Do you know of any twins support groups to join?
2. Should twins sleep together, and if so for how long?
Not sure
3. How long should I expect to stay home from work?
Depends on when the boys are born, their health, how long you can afford to be off and long your work will allow you to be off. We decided that 8 weeks was probably a good estimate at this point.
4. I've been getting some pretty bad headaches, is this normal?
Yep, just take Tylenol
5. I've been feeling out of breath, dizzy and tingly lately, is this normal?
Yes, your air capacity is shrinking and will continue to shrink as the babies keep growing and taking up the room that your lungs had.
6. Do you have any pediatricians that you'd recommend?
He gave me a list
7. Do you recommend birthing classes and do you know if there are any for twins?
Yes, recommended birthing classes and hadn't heard of classes for twins.
8. I've been trying to wear my support hose as much as possible, is there anything else to do to prevent deep vein thrombosis (DVT) or any signs to look out for?
Support hose do not prevent DVT but they will help you feel a lot better during pregnancy so keep wearing them. Signs for DVT are acuteness of breath and pain behind the knee from the mid-calf to the mid-thigh.
Dr. J said I was very efficient with my questions. I said thanks, although I'm not sure he meant it as a compliment. Then he walked me out, told be to take care of myself and don't get DVT. As you can tell, he's got a sense of humor and is prettylaid back. We like him.
Is there anything else you think I need to know? What are some of the things that you wish people had told you while pregnant?

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She Likes Purple said...

I need to do this, make a list of questions. The ones I've already asked are all physical, IS THIS NORMAL, type stuff. But I also need to ask about pediatricians and birthing classes.

Right now my big concern is day care. WHAT THE HECK ARE WE GONNA DO?