Sunday, April 19, 2009

Happy first half-birthday baby boys!

Only six months ago these two buggers changed our lives, and if you think they looked like trouble back then....
Just look at them now!

Their most favorite big boy toy - the Elmo walker (or their "cars" as Grammie calls them)!!!
Happy birthday my sweets, I love you both more than I ever thought possible. Muah. XOXO

Sunday, April 12, 2009

Happy Easter!

Booties courtesy of Grammie Lin
Dane clearly wanting some Easter candy!
Dane coping a lil' tude
Devin, our little professor, trying to figure out what all the eggs are for

Our little Oregon babies are not used to all the sun!
Grammie Lin trying to help the little guys out
The fam-damly in our Easter bests about to head to the mall to see the bunny...
stay tuned for those pics!

Friday, April 3, 2009

First time at daycare!

Two weeks ago the boys went to daycare for the first time and can you believe we forgot a camera?!?!?

Our church has what it calls "Kidtropolis"'s insane! When you drop your kids off they get a sticker with their name and a number and then you get a sticker with the same number. The number is different everytime you drop them off for "security reasons!" Then to either side of the pulpit there are little message boards and if they need you they scroll your kids name and their number. It's the perfect way to ease them (I mean us!) into daycare. They could care less that we are right down the hall, but it gives the adults peace of mind.

They have now attended twice and seem to dig it. They are always returned to us sleeping, I love it!

Here are some cell phone photos of the first time they went to daycare ...

Devin couldn't be more relaxed...