Sunday, April 12, 2009

Happy Easter!

Booties courtesy of Grammie Lin
Dane clearly wanting some Easter candy!
Dane coping a lil' tude
Devin, our little professor, trying to figure out what all the eggs are for

Our little Oregon babies are not used to all the sun!
Grammie Lin trying to help the little guys out
The fam-damly in our Easter bests about to head to the mall to see the bunny...
stay tuned for those pics!


Anonymous said...

My g those are some big boys! They have grown so much, and certainly filled out. I love the Easter pictures. I hope you had a good Easter with your family! ~natalie

Anonymous said...

oops.... g=goodness

MGulbas said...

I LOVE how they are falling asleep in the sun in the bumbo (sp?) seats! Love that picture, it made me laugh.
They are so adorable!! And love their little outfits and hats. Too cute!