Thursday, February 19, 2009

I heart three day weekends - Part 4

Monday, Monday...
Darrell and I got up early, once again that dang built in alarm clock! I helped Darrell write a paper for school, yes I know - I'm an angel. o:) Then we headed out for a massage at Massage Envy (Thanks Mom and Dad!). Afterward we loaded up the babies and headed to the mall with Grandma. After spending what felt like forever in the Macy’s men's department getting advised on dress shirt and tie combinations we ventured out into the mall, I must say it had been way-too-long. I didn't find anything for myself because I'm kinda waiting until I get back to pre-pregnancy size to get anything. But we did find these hilarious snow suits for the boys for $10 a piece!?!? (marked down from $50). We're headed to the mountain this Saturday where they will debut them, check back for pics. After the shopping was complete, we headed over to Cheesecake Factory for dinner, delicious! It was the perfect way to put a pretty little bow on our President's Day weekend.

I heart three day weekends - Part 3

Sunday started early, and when I say early it just means we were at church by 11am. We are not morning people. Julia met us at home afterwards, we packed up the kidos and headed to pick up our other friend Ming.

First stop, Plum Hill Winery's grand opening. We sampled five of their wines and ate all sorts of great cheese ball, blue cheesecake bites, & jalapeno and cheese buffalo summer sausage to name a few.

Next up was Montinore we also sampled 5 of their wines, only crackers to eat, but Julia is a member so we got all four tastings complimentary.

Last planned stop was Sake One who was having a chocolate pairing event, which was pretty much amazing. The tasting ended with a nutella saketini. Heavenly.

Sampling all this Sake made me hungry for sushi so we headed over to Syun one of the few good things about Hillsboro. I tried geoduck for the first time, not something I'll ever need to do again, AND I'm really glad I hadn't seen these pictures before trying it!

All and all it was a great Sunday partly because Monday was a Holiday, details on Monday's activities to come! :)

Here is another pic of the boys in the Valentine's outfits, everyone at the winery was asking if they were girls, I guess because of all the hearts? It was the first time we had experienced that and Darrell was not pleased!

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

I heart three day weekends - part 2

Saturday our built in alarm clocks got us up at 7am and I brought Darrell coffee with his first clue in a scavenger hunt to find his gift. Eight clues later he found this Soloman running jacket. Darrell gave me my three Valentine's Day cards, one of which was adorable with two little monkeys on the front (from Dane and Devin).
Then Darrell left for a group meeting and I went shopping at Costco, can I just say I am love! Even though it was a mad house I still managed to get in and out within an hour and bring home enough food to last us at least a month.
Darrell and I arrived back home about the same time and got ready for our evening downtown. First stop was Tiffany & Co to spend some of our wedding gift cards on my Valentine's Day gift. I ended up getting a toggle charm bracelet with this charm. After shopping a bit we headed over to the Rialto for drinks before dinner at Mamma Mia's.
We made it home just in time to relieve Grandma. It was all so fun and I must go now because the babies are screaming their little heads off. They had their 4 month shots today and want to be babied tonight. The nerve.

Monday, February 16, 2009

I heart three day weekends!

I have so much to share from this loooooong weekend that I think I'll take this next week to tell you all about it! Have no fear mom, I will go ahead and include the boys Valentine's day pics in this post.

So lets start with Friday night shall we?
A couple of weeks ago I signed us up for Marriage Mentors at church thinking it was a bible study, well turns out it's one on one mentoring. Friday night our mentors came over for pizza. I was a little apprehensive since Darrell and I just started to get back into church and I really wanted this to be natural. Lucky for us they were not bible beaters and we got along just swimmingly! They also have two kids; 3 yr and 15 month old girls. They've been married for six years and gave us some great advice on how to fight fairly. Not sure how or why they decided to advise on that subject?!? ;)

Want to know what their tips were? I think I'll share...
So here's how it goes, Partner #1 is upset so they ask partner #2 if they have any withholds. If anything has been bothering #2 then they get an opportunity to bring it up. #2 would say what's wrong and how it makes them feel (because feelings can't be wrong!). Then #1 has to say thank you for telling me and then you break for thirty minutes to process. When thirty minutes is up you get back together to talk about #2's issue and then #1 gets a chance to bring up their issue and follow the same process. Most of the time just saying thank you for telling me and taking a 30 min break is all it takes, if not and it's a big issue then you use a talking stick, giving the person with the stick the floor meaning the other cannot interrupt.

For the past 3 days it had worked out brilliantly! ha. Seriously though, things have been good, real good. But I think that mostly has to do with the fact that Darrell did not pitch a fit when I told him that I signed us up and went along with it all pretty willingly. Knowing that we both care about the marriage and want to be as happy as possible made for a pretty nice Valentine's Day.

Our second assignment was to tell the other person 5 things that we wish they would do to show affection. Being that the following day was Valentine's Day I decided that that conversation could wait and we should share the 5 things that the other does that we love. We talked about the first three on Saturday night over dinner, which I will tell you about tomorrow, stay tuned!

Here are pics of the cutie patooties in their Valentine's Day outfit (Gifts from Aunt Lara and Grammie.)
09.02.13 Valentine's DAy

Friday, February 13, 2009

Twin Talk

Here is some of last night's footage post bath:

Monday, February 9, 2009

Big boy outfits

From Drop Box

We had a little photo shoot last night wearing their big boys outfits from "Aunt" Julia!

Stop the presses

Today should be declared a national holiday; the babies officially slept through the night last night and I am truly giddy. Here is what happened step by step, I will attempt to recreate tonight...
1. 8:00 pm: Fed them 4 ounces
2. 9:30pm: Fed them another 4 ounces
3. Bathed them with J&J Bedtime bath. This is my offical endorsement.
4. 10:30pm: Put them in their crib in their room! Second night sleeping in their boy boy bed, and not the "arm's reach" sleeper in our bedroom. Oh how they are growing up.
5. 6:30am: Darrell woke to them rustling and turned to me to let me know that they were hungry. I looked at the clock in disbelief and had him verify that this was the first time that we were being woken up. I was sure that there was a middle of the night feeding in there somewhere that I was not remembering, but that was not the case! Wooo-hooo :)
6. 7:00am: Went downstairs got breakfast and coffee and leisurly read my book in bed until I had to get in the shower. Was the best morning ever!!!

Our little angels

Friday, February 6, 2009

Kyle is here!

If we were still in Texas there is no doubt that Kyle would be the boy's BFF. But since we're not they will all have to settle for their moms being one of each others best friends.

Jennie gave birth last night and I found myself really wishing I was there and feeling like I was missing out. Which sorta shocked me because when Devin and Dane were born I didn't feel like I was missing anything or anyone. I had Darrell there and my mom there (my dad flew in the next day from Scotland) and it never crossed my mind that my sister, my grandma or my longtime friends couldn't come and see the boys. Maybe having them in the NICU made a difference because all I could think about was spending time with them myself. Orchestrating everyone else was difficult because you were limited to three people at their bedside at a time.

Isn't it funny how everything happens for a reason? It isn't always easy to be this logical but when you are able to - it makes finding the silver lining so much easier. My mom was scheduled to fly out the day my water broke, needless to say she ended up cancelling her flight and was able to be there for everything. What if my water broke a day later? I know my mom would have hopped back on a plane but she wouldn't have been there when I woke up scared at 3am.

And while I would never wish that the kids had to stay in the NICU, it did take my mind off having them here in Portland, away from friends and family. It also gave Darrell and I time to prepare for their arrival since there were some things left undone as I spent the six weeks leading up to their arrival on bed rest.

Life is full of checks and balances and I am thankful. Still wish I could be there to hold Kyle and help Jennie and Mike welcome him into this wild world!

Sunday, February 1, 2009


This was taken about a month ago and was one of the first times Dane noticed Dad. He'll hate this picture one day but I am so glad that we got it on camera!
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