Thursday, February 19, 2009

I heart three day weekends - Part 3

Sunday started early, and when I say early it just means we were at church by 11am. We are not morning people. Julia met us at home afterwards, we packed up the kidos and headed to pick up our other friend Ming.

First stop, Plum Hill Winery's grand opening. We sampled five of their wines and ate all sorts of great cheese ball, blue cheesecake bites, & jalapeno and cheese buffalo summer sausage to name a few.

Next up was Montinore we also sampled 5 of their wines, only crackers to eat, but Julia is a member so we got all four tastings complimentary.

Last planned stop was Sake One who was having a chocolate pairing event, which was pretty much amazing. The tasting ended with a nutella saketini. Heavenly.

Sampling all this Sake made me hungry for sushi so we headed over to Syun one of the few good things about Hillsboro. I tried geoduck for the first time, not something I'll ever need to do again, AND I'm really glad I hadn't seen these pictures before trying it!

All and all it was a great Sunday partly because Monday was a Holiday, details on Monday's activities to come! :)

Here is another pic of the boys in the Valentine's outfits, everyone at the winery was asking if they were girls, I guess because of all the hearts? It was the first time we had experienced that and Darrell was not pleased!


Anonymous said...

They are growing so fast!

MGulbas said...

oh I can't wait to drink again! you're making me go crazy with all the wine tasting.
I LOVE how chubby their cheeks are! They are getting so big!!