Monday, February 9, 2009

Stop the presses

Today should be declared a national holiday; the babies officially slept through the night last night and I am truly giddy. Here is what happened step by step, I will attempt to recreate tonight...
1. 8:00 pm: Fed them 4 ounces
2. 9:30pm: Fed them another 4 ounces
3. Bathed them with J&J Bedtime bath. This is my offical endorsement.
4. 10:30pm: Put them in their crib in their room! Second night sleeping in their boy boy bed, and not the "arm's reach" sleeper in our bedroom. Oh how they are growing up.
5. 6:30am: Darrell woke to them rustling and turned to me to let me know that they were hungry. I looked at the clock in disbelief and had him verify that this was the first time that we were being woken up. I was sure that there was a middle of the night feeding in there somewhere that I was not remembering, but that was not the case! Wooo-hooo :)
6. 7:00am: Went downstairs got breakfast and coffee and leisurly read my book in bed until I had to get in the shower. Was the best morning ever!!!

Our little angels


Lucas and Meghan said...

It is a wonderful day when babies sleep through the night. I remember waking up in a panic thinking... "There must be something wrong" the first time Lizzy slept through the night. Now, the bedtime starts getting pushed back further and you can have a little reading time at night, too! Congratulations on a full night's sleep.

Rhi said...

Good Job, Boys! (p.s. Devin looks like he's putting on some weight!)

MGulbas said...

How exciting! You deserve it, especially with 2 boys you have to get to sleep!
so how much do they weigh now? They do look alot bigger from when you first brought them home!

Norby Newlyweds said...

They are so precious! Congrats on being a mom :)!

LaneyPoo said...

Yeee Hawww for sleeping babies. Greatest feeling ever huh? Good job boys!

p.s. adorable picture