Friday, February 6, 2009

Kyle is here!

If we were still in Texas there is no doubt that Kyle would be the boy's BFF. But since we're not they will all have to settle for their moms being one of each others best friends.

Jennie gave birth last night and I found myself really wishing I was there and feeling like I was missing out. Which sorta shocked me because when Devin and Dane were born I didn't feel like I was missing anything or anyone. I had Darrell there and my mom there (my dad flew in the next day from Scotland) and it never crossed my mind that my sister, my grandma or my longtime friends couldn't come and see the boys. Maybe having them in the NICU made a difference because all I could think about was spending time with them myself. Orchestrating everyone else was difficult because you were limited to three people at their bedside at a time.

Isn't it funny how everything happens for a reason? It isn't always easy to be this logical but when you are able to - it makes finding the silver lining so much easier. My mom was scheduled to fly out the day my water broke, needless to say she ended up cancelling her flight and was able to be there for everything. What if my water broke a day later? I know my mom would have hopped back on a plane but she wouldn't have been there when I woke up scared at 3am.

And while I would never wish that the kids had to stay in the NICU, it did take my mind off having them here in Portland, away from friends and family. It also gave Darrell and I time to prepare for their arrival since there were some things left undone as I spent the six weeks leading up to their arrival on bed rest.

Life is full of checks and balances and I am thankful. Still wish I could be there to hold Kyle and help Jennie and Mike welcome him into this wild world!

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