Monday, July 21, 2008

Country bumpkins head to the big city!

Two weekends ago we headed north for Seattle. Darrell was scheduled to climb Mt. Washington on Sunday morning so we game planned to head for Seattle on Saturday morning. Tour the city on Saturday and camp out Saturday night where he was scheduled to meet the climbing group Sunday morning. All the while in our trusty slide-in camper!

We arrived in Seattle around noon after about a 3 hour drive. After securing the truck with camper in the parking lot, we set the dogs up for their afternoon of captivity. We had a late brunch on the way at Starbucks and weren’t quite ready for lunch so we headed out for the piers. After walking along the water front we headed across the street to Pike Place Market. What a trip! The most amazing fresh flowers, fruits, vegetables and seafood you will ever see in your life. We took a ton of pictures, seriously all the beautiful fresh colors would make even the worst pictures come out lovely.

After wandering around we had lunch at Pike Place CafĂ© and saw the naked biker parade! This was the highlight of our trip I think. Everyone was hanging out of the windows in the restaurant to get an unbelievable glimpse. The group of nudes were advocating bike riding to save the planet. Interesting….

After lunch we took the ferry over to Bremerton and then drove about an hour to the camp site. Turns out that the sites were full so we broke the law and set up camp in the “day use” area. That area turned out to conveniently located near the grills where we grilled our hotdogs and smores for dinner! Delicious :) Shorty after dinner we turned in for the night as Darrell had to be up at 5:30am to meet his climbing buddies.

Darrell left that morning at 6:00am and I went back to bed! The forest ranger knocked on our door at 8:30am that morning letting me know that this was an illegal camping spot. I had to fib a little and tell his we had just arrived that morning and were leaving when my husband returned from climbing that evening. He bought it. I went back to bed. Later that morning I woke up and took the dogs for a walk, couldn’t motivate myself to hike the 4 mile loop around the lake but I did take them down to the creek for a little while. Darrell returned around 3:30pm took a short nap and then we head back to Portland.

It was a wonderful break from reality.

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Rhiannon said...

You had to post that photo of the hot dogs? REALLY CHERIE?

I am so damn hungry and now I want a hot dog. I think I may have to run to Costco.

Ann, James & Abbie said...

Sounds like it was a great time! Cherie--wish we could meet you sometime, any chance you all will be visiting Leavenworth, Kansas someday? I'm so happy you and Darrell are expecting twins!
Darrell--we miss you! We hope to be able to see you soon. Please add me to your email list and send me some pictures when those babies arrive! Ann

Cherie said...

Ann -
You are so sweet, I would love to meet you and your family some day too! We are thinking of planning a trip back to KS after the boys are born to see Grandma and Grandpa Litz - we'll see if we are able to make that a reality or not. Keep checking the blog, I hope to start updating more regularly.