Friday, July 25, 2008

Oh. My. Lord.

I am officially having pregnancy side effects. Up until this point everything had been pretty minor and then around 9:00pm last night I learned why so many people think they're having a heart attack when they have indigestion.

As I was sitting in one of our new La-Z-y boy recliners (one to rock each baby to sleep in – Thanks Mom and Dad!) I started having chest pains.
I figured that it must be the way I was reclining so I went to lay on the sofa. After a few minutes of tossing and turning, moaning and groaning Darrell asked if I was alright. I responded in my most pitiful voice, “I think I’m having a heart attack.” At first he thought I was having heartburn so he suggested that I have some milk, now I know what heartburn is and I knew this wasn’t it. Then he realized that I was having indigestion so he got me some coke to help me burp. To my dismay he brought it over warm, to which I responded “What? No ice?” He sighed and said “Trust me warm is better for this.” Not being one to know how to make myself burp, as I usually try to prevent these sort of things, I started sipping on the coke hoping to feel better. Darrell corrected my form and said I needed to be chugging. So I did, and within a few minutes was burping like a champ! Indigestion solved.

While once grossed out by this little trick, after last night, I gained a new respect for my niece Katie who can burb her ABC’s on command. She will never have to know what an indigestion heart attack feels like. And thanks to the chugging warm coke cure, hopefully neither will I.


Rhiannon said...

Leave it to a BOY to know how to make you burp!

Lara said...

nice chairs!! I love that your posting more!! :)