Wednesday, September 10, 2008

My Belbert

So almost a month ago, this post is extremely delayed - I know, my friend Lauren surprised me with a visit to Portland!

It all started when Darrell called me at work to tell me not to plan anything August 15-17th. I was, of course, convinced he was planning something for my birthday (8/28) and our anniversary (9/2). The Thursday before Lauren's arrival Darrell said we needed to clean the house. I thought, oh great - he's throwing a party, just what the pregnant lady wants to do have a bunch of people over to drink alcohol when she can't and then having to clean up after them. Friday after work we headed to Ikea, while I thought everyone was gathering at the house for the "party". When Ikea was closing down, I thought ok I guess the party is tomorrow? We left with a few goodies and then Darrell missed the entrance to the freeway which lead us into the airport. He then said he had to pick up a package, when Molly flew in from California we picked her up from cargo in the same area, and so I exclaimed, "Are we getting another dog!" It wasn't until we circled arrivals the second time that I got suspicious. My first guess was that Lauren and Evan were coming in and Darrell said, no Evan is in Tri-cities. On the fourth loop we found Lauren. I was so thrilled and shocked to actually see her.

We had the best time playing in Portland. It was a treat to have a reason to go downtown. Friday night before heading to the house we stopped by Henry's for drinks and Gorgonzola fries! On Saturday Darrell left for class and Lauren and I rode the max in later to meet up with him and peruse the Saturday Market. We had lunch at Rock Bottom Brewery and then walked over to Powell's Books.
Ready for coffee we trucked it over to Bikini Coffee company, the latest craze in P-town, because the baristas serve you in Bikinis?!? Darrell was excited; I think Starbucks stock may take a dip. But when we got there it was closed! To console ourselves we walked over to NW 23rd Ave for some boutique window shopping, pedicures and gelato! Afterwards we headed home to catch the Olympics and got Moe's for dinner. Moe's was "our place" when Lauren I lived together in Dallas but closed almost a year before I moved so she had been Moe-less for a while. It was delicious - I must say.

Lauren had to leave Sunday afternoon so we had a lazy Sunday morning around the house and then introduced Lauren to Daphne's Greek Cafe before she left.

It was an awesome surprise, to have one of your best friends visit you for the first time in your new home. Lauren can make anything fun and I felt so lucky to get to spend a weekend with her.

Did I entice you to come and visit us in Portland with my mini-visitor's guide? If one things for sure, you will not go hungry, especially with the pregnant girl in tow!

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