Friday, November 21, 2008

Car seat challenge

In order to come home the boys have to pass their "car seat challenge" meaning they have to be able to sit in their car seats for 90 minutes without having a "spell" which is basically them forgetting to breathe. They attempted this on Tuesday night but failed because they are still so little and not very good at holding their heads up and when they let their heads drop down they cut off their airway.

At least we got some good pictures out of the deal :) Sitting in the big car seat, which is actually quite small, makes them look tiny! They will retake the test sometime this weekend, so keep your fingers crossed. If everything goes well they should be home beginning of next week, just in time for Thanksgiving.

In the mean time, mommy and daddy are going "out of town" in honor of our last weekend "without" kids. Tomorrow morning we'll stop by the hospital for their morning feeding on our way downtown. Then at 11am we're getting a couple's massage! Then doing some shopping! Then checking into our room at The Nines! Then having dinner at Momma Mia's! So excited... Have a great weekend everyone :)
Car Seats

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Anonymous said...

I hope they come home soon! Isn't 90 minutes a little long to be in a car seat anyways? Did you have such a fantastic time at your couples massage?