Sunday, December 21, 2008

Snowed in while packages are snowed out!

It's been SNOWING here for an entire week! It's really very exciting having snow the first winter that we're in our house and while my family is visiting for the holidays, more pictures of all this later. But first I must tell you why I am HIGHLY annoyed, you see I ordered my Christmas cards at the beginning of December they were supposed to be delivered on the 11th and they have been delayed until further notice! The UPS truck finally came by on Friday and dropped off two packages neither of which were my Christmas cards! I even have my letter (that's right folks, you are getting a letter this year, yahoo!) and my return address labels printed and ready to go. Oh well so much for trying to plan ahead. Here is a little sneak peak of our Christmas photos for this year. Since you may not being getting your Christmas card until the new year :)

Don't worry about Dane, he was a good sport wearing the Naughty onesie. (Even though he looks like he was pouting) We promised him that Santa would never be able to tell who was who in the pictures.


Rhiannon said...

I don't know, he looks pretty serious there, putting his fists up!

Anonymous said...

Hmm I think he is mad about wearing the naughty shirt! Did you make those yourself? Hope you having a merry Christmas with your family. ~natalie

Lane said...

Oh my dear lord, I want to eat them up they are SO CUTE! Love the onesies!!!