Saturday, January 31, 2009

The best diapers in my opinion.

Inspiration for this post:
Gross, huh? The culprit, you ask: Huggies Diapers

Our relationship with diapers is fairly new but in this short time frame we have learned a lot - the hard way. The boys started with Pampers in the hospital but thanks to my mom and her stocking us up on diapers with every coupon she clipped we had quite a wide variety of diapers to try once we brought them home. The first one we ripped into when we got home was the Huggies preemies. Things go well for a day and then we take them to their first doctor's appointment and when we pull Dane out of his car seat we find his onesie and car seat liner are soaked. Strike one. We discontinue use and plan to return the Huggies that we had stock piled for tried and true Pampers. We get them all returned but two packs that Target or Babies 'R Us did not carry.
These packs were sitting nearest to the edge of our back stock so when Rae Jean, my mother-in-law (who has been graciously watching the babies for a month now), needed new diapers she grabbed one of the packs. She mentioned one evening when I got home from work that Dane had had a blow out in his swing and she was washing the cover. I found that interesting since we had never had an exploding diaper, despite all the stories that we'd heard. Figured it was the Huggies. Wanted to throw them out, hated to waste the money. Rae Jean seemed to think it would have been a blow out no matter what diaper he was wearing so we kept them. Strike 2.
Then on my watch I noticed Dane (Why is it always Dane?) stinking up a little storm. I grabbed him to check for poo and oh my lord if it wasn't all over his back. (pictured above) Not impressed Huggies, not impressed. Strike 3.
I'm officially a Pampers girl. And for all you mothers out there, Babies 'R Us is having quite the deal until March 3, when you buy any three Proctor and Gamble products (Pampers diapers and wipes, bounty, dreft, charmin) you get a $15 gift card back.
Everyone seriously looked at me like I was nuts when I walked out Wednesday night with 4 boxes of 184 diapers and two jumbo boxes of wipes. And the even crazier part that's just about a month's supply! Ekkkk.


Lucas and Meghan said...

I love my pampers too. Pampers swaddlers are wonderful and so soft! Lizzy has had blow outs in all brands of diapers, but it seems to be less in pampers. Just wait till the boys start eating solid food. Oh the joys! Strong diapers take on a whole new importance! :) Love ya Cherie!

Anonymous said...

I hate huggies too! We should start a "Huggies Suck" facebook club. I have plenty of blowout pics to make my case too :) I didn't like Luv's either.. I am going to stick w/ what I know!