Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Hi Mom!

Don't worry you're on the right blog. My co-worker, Kaleigha, the best publications editor ever, spruced the space up a bit.
Ever since my mom left she has been diligently checking the blog every morning from Scotland and unfortunately has not been greeted by any new posts. Therefore every morning I get a reminder to update the blog because she misses her grand babies, so this ones for you Grammie Lin.. Pictured below Dane was crying, "come save me Grammie, Mom and Dad are mistreating me! And please tell Dad that I happen to be wearing a very sweet night gown NOT a dress!!!"


Moore's said...

I like it! I know they misss their Grammie Lin! And She misses them so much!! I am really enjoying her visit! xo

Rhiannon said...

Cherie! What are you doing to that poor baby boy?!?