Friday, May 15, 2009


Sorry for going MIA on ya for a little while! If this blog could just automatically update anytime I thought something was blog worthy we would be in business. 

Ready for updates are ya? Well, pull up a chair and lets chat.

#1.) Devin has teeth now too!
His came through about 3 days after Dane's and I managed to get a better shot of his without any injuries. Also my elbow is finally feeling better in case you were wondering but I'm still a little gun shy when it comes to sitting in that office chair.
#2.) The coolest thing I never expected! The boys "made" me artwork at totally made my day. 
#3.) Did I mention the boys are in daycare now? It's a lovely place - we were so lucky that they had two openings when we were ready. They are LOVED there and I think it's probably because they nap like it's their jobs. I am sure they get worn out playing with all the other kids, yada yada, yada... but holy goodness sometimes they take two 3 hours naps! I can assure you this has NEVER happened at home. 
Main play room
Back play room
Dining room with the high chairs where the boys will be eating when they start solids in...oh...15 days!

Where they take their marathon naps. Sheesh.

#4.) Our friends, Lauren and Evan, (who are officially the boy's God Parents now!) came to Portland for wedding planning and got to see the babies.  It was a fun trip we went wine & champagne (yum!) tasting and had dinner at Rogue Brewery downtown.
Evan putting his "man purse" on Dane.
Group photo minus Devin.
Dane taking a break from eating Lauren's hair to show off his man purse.
Dane flirting.
Trying to eating the purse.
Dane and Lauren.
Dane and Lauren again, but this time the photographer was aiming.
Evan hoping that Dane doesn't spit up on his purse.
And finally some camera love for Devin.


Rhiannon said...

I love how Devin is crossing his little feet in the last photo!

Lauren said...

We had so much fun with you guys that weekend and are so excited and honored to be the boys god parents! We can't wait to see you next month in Boise!! Miss you!

MGulbas said...

I cant believe they have teeth! Your day care looks awesome!! Oh - and I cant wait for your Texas trip!!