Thursday, June 18, 2009

Adios Texas :( - Hola Oregon :)

We're glad to be home but sad to be gone... We had an awesome time in Texas. The two weeks FLEW by.
We started the trip with a red eye outta Portland and landed in Houston at 5:30am

Then that Sunday we got the babies baptised and my parents hosted an open house so everyone could meet the lil' guys

Next was a trip to Dallas to see The Gulbas Family, The Canzos, The Kemps, The Sensenbrenners, Tristen, & Alison... that was a whirlwind and we only have a couple pictures that Alison posted on Facebook!

And that was just week one...more updates to come...but I must run... Darrell is picking the babies up from daycare so I can run by Target. We're leaving tomorrow to drop the kiddos off with The Prochaskas in Boise for 2 weeks! Daycare is closing for a week to give the gals vacation time and unfortunatly Darrell and I haven't won the lottery yet so we still have to work. Luckily Darrell's parents are excited to get some quality time with D&D!

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alison said...

Yay! It was so good to see you guys!