Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Texas trip cont.

After returning from Dallas we spent a week in Houston with family & boys tried their first solids!

Spent a day at Aunt Lara & Uncle Charlie's Pool:

We took a day and went to Galveston:

Then traveled to Austin; where we saw Kevin & Jamie, my Great Aunt & Uncle and their standard poodle Gigi (the boys had a blast playing with her). Daniel, Darrell's borther was in town working so he got to spend some time with the babies and fell in love. We played at the hotel pool and my God-mother Rita came to see the babies. And finally, went to Rachel & Justin's wedding (which was gorgeous btw) where we got to hang out with Mandy, Jake, Alison & Dustin! We also asked Mandy and Jake to be the babies' God Parents with Lauren and Evan- since there are two babies that's an awfully big undertaking for just one couple! Trust us, we know! :)

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caryn said...

what great pictures, sorry we didn't make it down to meet the boys. can't wait to meet them at the wedding!