Monday, July 6, 2009

Happy (belated) 4th of July!

On Friday morning we headed to Boise to get our babies back! They looked so much bigger and are almost crawling.... ekkk. Good thing Darrell and I babied proofed the house while they were gone. Here are some pics of them showing off for us when we first got there:

Then on Saturday we headed out to the lake with Darrell's family. There was tubing, jet skiing, BBQing and beer... it was great! The tube was a three seater and I went out with Darrell and his brother, on our last ride both boys got thrown and I hung on for dear life and stayed on, I was pretty impressed with myself. Grandma and Papa even continued babysitting to allow us to have all this irresponsible fun on the lake.

Sunday we headed back to Portland and settled back into our routine. Monday is here and life goes on like the babies were never gone!


Rhiannon said...

Are they holding hands in the last photo? TOO CUTE!

Dirk & Christina Dunlap said...

they are so stinking cute!

Anonymous said...

Look at your cute 4th of july regalia! Those boys are just growing so fast! ~Natalie

MGulbas said...

Cant believe they can almost crawl!! I'm glad u had a great 4th!! Doesn't get much better than a day at the lake