Thursday, August 6, 2009

Record timing

I was a woman on a mission tonight. Our night looked a little like this:
Dane showed off his standing skills by pulling up on the chair. I managed to catch this picture right before he fell backwards. Our little bruiser barely even cried.
Look at Devin's new scrunchy face. It's freakin' hilarious. Although on second thought I might have caught his mischievous I'm-about-to-pull-the-blanket-out-from-under-Dane-look? Just kidding, this momma would never let those sort of shenanigans happen around here!
Next it was time for dinner. I rang the cow bell and they hopped in their bumbos.
They got to try mum mum rice cakes for dessert. Devin chowed.
Dane was a little more sceptical.
Devin ran out and wanted Dane's leftovers.
Then after baths, I turned around and Dane was in the diapers.
Devin on the other hand was perfectly happy watching tv. Not sure who turned it to Reba?!?
I swear this picture was not staged, gets the tunnel vision from his father. I probably couldn't have gotten him to look at the camera if I wanted.
All this before 8pm! Babies were out by 8:15pm and now I'm watching 30 rock re-runs and getting to update you lovelies! And tomorrow is Friday! Very happy about that.

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