Tuesday, August 4, 2009

So not ready for this

Phew, what. a. night...
The boys are finally in bed and I am pooped. It's like someone flipped a switch sometime between yesterday and today and turned the babies into disobedient little animals. They were into EVERYTHING tonight. Oh to just be a fly on the wall, that would be nice.

Dane is now standing up in his crib and then proceeds to wail because he doesn't know how to get back down. It just cracks me up to see this little baby STANDING up behind bars; he looks like he's trying to jail break.

Then to top it all off Shelby, the dog, crapped in the house today. On a night when Darrell has class I might add - so guess who got to clean it up after the babies when to bed. Not a happy camper folks. Not a happy camper.

Anyone got advice on keeping tabs on the babies, other than leashes? You better weigh in quick before I have to be alone with them again on Thursday night. Oh did I say leashes? I mean those kiddie harness thingies. No need to call child protective services.....yet.

On another note, I did manage to tag one million and one photos of the three Ds and me from Lara & Charlie's wedding this past weekend on facebook - you should go and check them out.


She Likes Purple said...

Absolutely no advice. I need advice from YOU for when Kyle becomes a heathen in a couple months.

Amy Monk said...

Well, Mia learned how to stand in her crib yesterday and has the exact same problem of not knowing how to sit down. I find myself talking to her like a dog now a days with commands such as- No!, sit down, come here, and give me five. Kelsey's grandma told me that she is going to have to learn the hard way by eventually falling down and hurting her head before she gently sits down. So no decent advise from me! Sorry :)