Friday, December 18, 2009

Christmas Letter 2009

Dear Family & Friends,

What a year it has been! In case you haven't heard we had twin boys at the end of last year and well, they have kinda been our life ever since. So in the spirit of streamlining, which I have become very good at by the way, I've decided to write our Christmas Card bulleted list style! Easier for you to read and the real reason, easier for me to write. I'll make it up to you when I post our 2009 video. I decided to get ambitious this year and make a year end video because we have so much footage that I know we'll never watch in bits and pieces. This ended up to be more time consuming that I thought so it's still under construction. I'll post it everywhere when it's done, so check back here or friend me on facebook.

  • Celebrated the New Year with Darrell's parents and his mom was gracious enough to stay and take care of the boys while I went back to work.
  • Darrell's classes started back up at Portland State. Graduation is December 2010 which is when he will receive his Master Degree in International Management.
  • Darrell traveled to Dallas and earned his Project Management Professional Certification. He is now a PMP!
  • We had our first trama, surely not our last with these two bruisers. Dane's hemangioma birthmark had to be removed which was major surgery but he made it through with flying colors. Darrell and I were a little worse for wear.
  • Darrell's mom returned to Boise and my parents came to relieve her.
  • We ALL ran/walked Portland's Shamrock run in the rain!
  • Celebrated Paddy's (my dad) birthday on St. Patrick's day!
  • Ran/walked Portland's Race for the Roses.
  • Got pictures taken with the bunny!
  • D&D took swim lessons for the first time.
  • Babies started daycare.
  • Evan and Lauren came to visit us and finalize their wedding plans.
  • Both boys started teething!
  • Darrell attended the Wind Energy Conference in Chicago.
  • Devin and Dane went to Texas for the first time.
  • Darrell turned 31!
  • The boys spent 2 weeks in Boise with their Grandma and Papa Prochaksa
  • I celebrated Lara's bachelorette par-tay in Austin.
  • Evan and Lauren got married in Portland and we got to have Jennie and Mike as house guests!
  • Lara and Charlie tied the knot!
  • I celebrated my 27th birthday and awesome Julia threw me a surprise party that I knew nothing about.
  • Darrell and I celebrate 2 years of marriage in Tokeland, WA!
  • We started a business manufacturing gold prospecting equipment, Summit Mining & Equipment Inc. with Darrell's family.
  • Ran Pints to Pasta 10K in Portland.
  • The boys turned one?!!?
  • Celebrated Grammie's birthday a couple of days before.
  • The boys, my mom and I finished a corn maze for the first time. Darrell and Julia were experienced pros.
  • My Oregonian best friend, Julia, moved to Denver. She is off to bigger and better things, but we sure so miss her!!! A lot.
  • I left my job at the WCVA to pursue my Master Certificate in Interactive Marketing. Paddy and I are starting a consulting company and will begin taking orders very soon!
  • We traveled to Texas for a mighty good Aggie game against t.u.
  • We'll here we are. The year is coming to an end and what a good year it was. We will be spending the Christmas holiday with the Prochaskas in Boise and hope that everyone enjoys the Holidays. We feel so blessed for all your friendships, blessings, thoughts and prayers.
Merry Christmas All!

The Prochaskas


Lauren said...

Love the bulleted style. You guys have had a crazy busy year! Can't wait to see you soon! :)

Anonymous said...

Hey! I love your Christmas card and the little card to get people to come to your blog. Great marketing strategies. I love your black, white, & red colors, but no surprise there! d to the 3rd power is very cute! ~natalie

Anonymous said...

hey nice blog keep it up