Tuesday, December 1, 2009


For those of you who haven't heard, I quit my day job. And as a mater-of-fact today was my first day of online classes; I am pursuing a Master Certificate in Interactive Marketing through the University of San Francisco. Plan after that? Making the world my oyster.

This set-up works out perfectly on days like today, when D&D had to get their flu shots this am and could not return to daycare. They napped liked all-stars and I was able to get about half my classes knocked out for the week. We even got to take a short break for some lunch time fun.

On the menu: a hamburger helper concoction that I made Sunday night. It was Italian Supreme (or something like that) I added a box of mac and cheese and some frozen meat balls because I wanted a larger supply for leftovers, ect. The two different sets of noodles didn't cook even so Darrell and I thought it wasn't too good. Luckily Devin, Dane and Shelby thought otherwise!

How was everyone's T-givings? We spent 10 days in Tejas - got to hang with the fam, ate way too much (got my fill of queso, thank you very much: Taco Cabana, Escalantes, and Ruby Tequilas!), watched movies and some damn good football! Can I get a whoop? Maybe I can get some pics from the trip posted this week, since I'm a lady of leisure and all. Ohhhhh, I forgot to mention that we took the boys to the zoo for the first time, so posting pictures is now a must. I know you're dying to see! ;)


reesa anne said...

The one of dane cutting his eye at devin is precious! lil angels!

MGulbas said...

I'm SOOO glad you're a lady of leisure! You'll love it, but I think you'll also be surprised how QUICKLY your days fill up!
I'm also (secretly) hoping you post more!! I love seeing the twins!

Anonymous said...

there so adorale <3