Monday, September 27, 2010

Baby got back

The boys got their first pair of Levi's today. I ran into Costo to pick up my glasses that were being repaired and made the mistake of looking around. We walked by the clothes section and the boys begged to look around. I asked if they wanted to look at the toys instead but they insisted! (I love how buying clothes for them does not come with the attached guilt like buying clothes for myself!)

After picking out the jeans and the world's largest package of AA batteries, I'm pretty sure we were set to make it out with our lowest Costco bill ever. That is until we were hit with the news it was time to renew our membership. I swear, a girl can never win!

Here are some photos of them modeling their new jeans.

Trying to get away from the paparazzi.
Shelby always in quick pursuit.
You can run but you can not hide!
And just how cute are these patooties?!?

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