Sunday, July 6, 2008

Christmas in July

So I finally got motivated to upload our pictures from the first half of this year... Enjoy and sorry for the delay! More to come soon and when I say soon that probably means another 6 months!
Our first Christmas 2007

Dinner with the Browners

More fun with the Browners

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Harris Family said...

Cherie!! I am so glad I found your adorable blog. I just 'found' Lara on Facebook and found out about the little twins boys growing in your belly. I am so excited for yall!!

Babies are God's gift to us :)

Do you live in Oregon? Did I read that right? Gosh, your family is going to have to move as soon as those 2 precious angels are born.

Congrats! I am glad I can keep up with yall through your blog.