Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Darrell's 30th birthday par-tay and pictures of the house

The living room decorated in Mountaineering theme. Notice the boot on the table!
Embarrassing pictures of Darrell through the years displayed on the mantel. Climbing gear and pictures from Darrell's climbs hung from the curtain rod.
Partiers gathered in the kitchen. The spread.
Enjoying my pregnant lady cocktail, Blood Orange Italian soda, yummy. Or at least that's what I tell myself as to not be too jealous of everyone drinking beer around me. We still have Oregon micro-brew left overs filling our fridge and mocking me. Come drink them, won't you?
The girls enjoying all the company in their backyard!
Darrell really excited about his mountain cake. Julia and I were pretty impressed with ourselves. Whipping this up in a matter of minutes! Complete with mountain gummy bears and snicker boulders!
Darrell's adult pinatas filled with mini liquor bottles (majority Disaronno, after all it was Darrell's birthday), lottery tickets, and candy! Behind is our "man-house" Darrell and his friends are convinced they are going to turn this into a bachelor pad, I'm convinced he's going to have to fight his mom for it because I think she already drawn up the plans to make it a Mother-in-law guest house.
The gang ready for someone to bust open the pinata with the ice axe! Violette wondering "Where's the candy at?"
Darrell getting blindfolded.
And feeling vulnerable. Ekkk.
Thinking about his shot.
Heather going after the second pinata.
Darrell blowing out his candles.
June owning the pinata.
Upset that there was no candy left! Cutest kid in America, even when she's upset, wouldn't you agree?
Darrell opening his presents after everyone had gone. He was super stoked about all his climbing and mountaineer gift cards.

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Jennifer said...

Cherie, your house is adorable! Wish we could have been there.