Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Thank heaven for little boys!

It's Cherie here! I decided that the blog was long over due for an update so I got the log in credentials from Darrell. Please be warned that I'm not as great of a writer as Darrell (plus I'm way to tired to dig that deep these days) so there are going to be a lot of pictures. If you're anything like me you will completely dig this. Darrell started his pre-masters program classes last week so his life is beginning to get crazy which means you can expect many more "picture-book" posts from me!

In other news from last week we found out that we are expected identical twin....waaaiiiit foooor itttt...BOYS!!! Here are some of the ultrasound pics.
Twin A - Side Profile

Twin B - Side Profile
Twin A's head and Twin B's feet!
Twin B sucking his thumb
Both boy's heads


Jennifer said...

Cherie! The feet! Ohhhh, the feet!

I'm so happy for you and Darrell.

Tichenor Family said...

I am so excited for you. Baby boys are the best! Email me if you have ANY questions at all. Congratulations mama!

Girls said...
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tjo russy said...

Gasp!! Really?!?! Oh wow CONGRATS how cool!!! You are gonna have your hands full, but it should be so fun & exciting! I can't believe it!--and especially can't wait to see pictures of the BOYSSSSSS!

(p.s. I'm guessing you're a How I Met Your Mother fan?? Michael and I are in love with that show!)

Take care Mommy Cherie! I am very happy for you both!

~Tifani Kaska-Russell