Friday, August 28, 2009

Happy Birthday Cherie!!!

That's right, my love and best friend is another year older today.

It has been one eventful and crazy year for her, and I am sure she has felt like it flew by. Last year at this time she was pregnant, and about to be put on bed rest for almost 2 months with our twin boys Devin and Dane.

Being on mandatory bed rest, along with being in and out of the hospital was probably one of the hardest things that my social butterfly has endured, but she pushed through the tough time with perseverance and with high spirits.

Once the boys decided to make their entrance into the world 2 months premature, Cherie spent almost every day at the hospital making sure our baby boys were growing, eating, and making sure they were surrounded by love for a long 5 weeks till they were released. Since then she has continued to be the best mother and wife to me and our boys.

I can't describe in words how much Cherie means to me and how much support she has given me in all my endeavors’ with work, school, and any other aspects of my interests. She is a selfless person, which is more than happy to help anyone in a time of need. She is without a doubt the strongest, most caring and loving person I have encountered, and I am very lucky to call her my wife!! I love you sweetheart, and I can not wait to be back at home with you!!!

Happy Birthday Baby!


Krameymartin said...

Awwwww! I love you guys! Happy birthday Cherie! Miss you!

Cherie said...

-tear- I love you too Darrell, can't wait to see you tonight. Two weeks in training is too long!

Lauren and Evan said...

That is the sweetest thing ever! Props D! :)

Have a great birthday Cherry! Go all out celebrating your day and sing Ashleigh Simpson at the top of your lungs in the 4 runner (drinking helps that a bit!).

Miss you guys and next time you're in Boise we'll go out and celebrate!

MGulbas said...

oh my goodness! that was so sweet, what a wonderful hubby you are!
Happy Birthday Cherie!! What a wonderful year you've had!

Anonymous said...

Happy birthday!
Kudos to you Darrell! ~natalie