Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Birthday Recap

I think I have finally recovered enough from all the festivities to give you a little recap!

If you haven't figured it out by now, Darrell was in training for two weeks in San Jose and returned on Friday, the night of my actual birthday. While he was away my parents came in to help with the babies and ended up making a significant dent in our ever growing to-do list. We (when I say "we" I mean mostly "they"!) organized the garage, priced garage sell things, made baby food, baby proofed, replenished our Costco back stock of diapers, paper towels, formula (you know all the fun stuff..?!?) I also got to go birthday shopping with my mom (the best!) and got these fun Jessica Simpson boots for fall. I'm thinking about asking for a two week visit from my parents every birthday.
Which will go perfect with the trench coat that Darrell got me from the Coach outlet store in Carmel! These are exactly the sort of gifts that a girl needs to get excited about winter in Oregon! Keep 'em comin' people - I know you would hate for me to start feeling any S.A.D. effects right??
Friday night my mom made Mexican, I picked up Darrell from the airport and then I blew out my candles on my cupcakes from Beaverton Bakery, the marble cake is my favorite but everyone pretended that my dad messed up the order and got cupcakes instead because they were saving the marble cake for the next night!

Saturday morning my Dad and I went out to the Safeway Classic - he got to watch a little golf and I worked the WCVA information booth. Then we met up with Darrell, my mom, Julia and the babies for wine tasting at Elk Cove, Kramer and Patton Valley. Dinner stop at the Grand Lodge's Yardhouse and then Concert at Sake One - where my surprise party was being held and Keith Schreiner played me Happy Birthday on a didgeridoo! I was TRULY surprised! Thanks everyone for not blowing it ;) Julia has some mighty fine stealth planning skills and some serious patience as I changed plans a million times on her. The night was really fun, thanks everyone who came out & Glori for posting a picture that I could borrow off facebook!

Sunday morning was a bit of a lazy day. Darrell and my Dad mounted our TV to finish the baby proofing of the back room and then we left the babies with sitters to enjoy ourselves at Portland City Grill.
So far year #27 is shaping up pretty nicely! Thanks everyone for making my birthday weekend amazing.


MGulbas said...

Happy Birthday again! Glad you had a great b-day, you deserve it! Love you

Anonymous said...

Aww looks like you had a great time! Love the boots and the Jacket. I have some Jessica boots that I got last Christmas and I love them! They are flats and super comfy!