Wednesday, September 2, 2009

For a good cause is where we (actually my mom's gracious friends pooled their money and) bought our car seats. Darrell did the research and they had the best pricing and selection and also support a great cause. I was oblivious to all this until I read Meghan's blog post on car seats. After clicking on the link not only did I phone Darrell immediately to let him that we were not going to be turning the boy's car seats around until they were at least 16 years old and driving themselves. But I also realized that - hey! - hip monkey is where we bought our car seats! I'm pretty sure Darrell rolled his eyes and muttered something about never giving him any credit for knowing what he was doing all along... Well here's your credit sweet heart - way to do your research! I'm impressed.

Today, I received an email from Hip Monkey asking me to vote for their charity. Anyway, I think it's a great cause and I feel like I have already benefited from their education efforts. Not to mention, their efforts to provide car seats to families who can not afford them.

See below:

Dear Valued Hip Monkey Customer,

Thank you so much for choosing to shop with Hip Monkey and support the Kyle David Miller Foundation with your purchase. Would you please now lend a moment of your time to vote for the Kyle David Miller Foundation? We are currently in 29th place. If we win, the prize $25,000! That would help a LOT of children get safe car seats! You can vote once per email address here:
Select the Kyle David Miller Foundation from the drop down list.

Thank you so much!

Christine Miller
CEO, Hip Monkey, Inc
President, Kyle David Miller Foundation

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Lucas and Meghan said...

I am so glad that my post was helpful to someone! :) We ended up with the Graco My Ride 65. Keeps them rear facing to 40 pounds! I miss you so much Cherie. Wish we lived closer to each other.