Thursday, September 3, 2009

Day 1 of year 3

Yesterday was Darrell's and my 2 year wedding anniversary!
I was thinking about it yesterday that maybe 2 should be our lucky number. There are 2 of us, we have 2 kids...what else - help me out here... no?

Last night I picked up the little Prochaskas from daycare or the nursery as my Dad likes to call it. Funny ol' man. We headed to Hillsboro, where Darrell works, and home to the only On the Border in the whole state of Oregon. Crying shame. The boys were amazingly well behaved while we celebrated with a bowl of queso and 2 (!) margaritas.

After dinner we met up with 2 (!) different Craig's List sellers to purchase 2 (!) Kelty kid carriers for the boys first camping trip this weekend. We were so impressed with ourselves for getting 2 (!) carriers for less than one new carrier.

Can you see why I have 2 on the brain? I guess I better switch gears seeing as today we officially enter into our 3rd year of marriage - hopefully year 3 doesn't bring along kid 3. That loud thud you just heard was Darrell fainting.

Tomorrow we're headed out to camp on Lake Billy Chinook. Wish me luck, outdoorsy is not usually my thing, but I'm looking forward to it. Have a great holiday weekend friends!

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