Friday, July 16, 2010

Laundry tips for moms.

Right, so I never thought I'd be sharing household tips here but last night was the first time I washed a disposable diaper and well, the results were blog worthy.

We leave for Boise today and last night I was doing the last load of laundry before our trip. I started the load quickly before I left for a Full House MOMs Love and Logic seminar. When I returned I started pulling the clothes from the washer to the dryer while having a conversation with our babysitter, Ms. Angela. I saw shreds and just thought I left something in a pocket. Then I noticed the GOO that was EVERYWHERE. Very confused I showed Ms. Angela. She was like, that's a diaper. What?!? How could a diaper get in there?

We've starting introducing the boys to the potty and have them in Pull Ups, trying to get them to understand the concept. Our laundry hamper is right outside of their bathroom. My guess is that one of them decided to "help" Mommy and dispose of the dirty pull up. Funny thing is, I remember Darrell helping me one morning before he left for work and only having one dirty pull up at the end. I was a little miffed, thinking that Darrell went all the way to the Diaper Genie and only took his baby's diaper. Sorry babe. :)

Bright side? At least it was a Pull Up and not a super absorbent regular diaper. Can you image?

I ended up separating the load into 4 separate loads to give the goo room to be washed away. So my last load of laundry before we left turned into five. Maybe this will spare another mom from doing the same!


Jennie said...

I've done that before. Twice.

How was the seminar??

SuziGalvin said...

Yikes! Sorry but I cannot help but laugh at this! I will have to keep my eyes peeled in a year or two and start counting diapers!