Tuesday, July 13, 2010

The next big thing.

Like we really need a NEXT big thing, sometimes I wonder if I just like to shake things up whenever the dust begins to settle. (No mom, I'm not pregnant.)

A while back I posted about leaving my job and getting my Master's Certificate in Online Marketing. Throughout the courses, I have been applying what I've learned and building my portfolio. So yesterday I was able to launch my start-up web design and marketing company!

It is scary to put yourself out there and I probably would have waited until everything was perfect. Because that realistic, right?

Instead, I was inspired by my amazing friend, Jennie of ShelikesPurple.com, Stylelushblog.com and TheStir.com who I was so blessed to have visit me for a long weekend (6 days!) and give me the little nudge (great big push) I needed. Not only did she encourage me with her reaction to everything I had in my portfolio, she gave me more work to add to it and then put me out there to her little corner of internet (y'all she averages 2,500 readers a week!) I had 118 visitors to my site just yesterday. AND THEN this little post went up. Really!?! The Stir gets 6 million unique views a month.

You see sometimes I fail to remember that validation is overrated. I think we all do... so try not to be too hard on yourself. But not Jennie. Good lord, that girl is making things happen and it is so inspiring. In her post she said, she had no idea how far I had come in the last couple years. If I impressed her - then she made my head spin. It was just over two years ago that I remember talking with her about her ideas. She has worked hard to make them happen, not to mention starting a family and moving up the career ladder at her day job.

Mike are you listening? Load up the Uhaul and head to Portland. Jennie and I are taking over the world.


Ashley Moses said...

I love it! You and Jennie are precious! Miss you girls :)

Crystal S. said...

You go girl!! If anyone can do it you can, CHERRY Friend!! :) I have always been so impressed by your "go get 'em attitude!" Proud of you!

Cherie said...

You guys are sweet! Thank you, it means a lot.